Lunch Boxes & Drinks Bottles

Drinks Bottles

Kambukka® water bottles are simple, yet functionally innovative and environmentally friendly drinkware. Reusable water bottles is the way to go when it comes to making an individual choice to help save our planet. Moving away from disposable plastic to BPA-free reusable drinks bottles can only be good. Or go one step further and opt for non-plastic, stainless steel drinks bottle alternatives!

SNAPCLEAN® the unique design of stainless steel Kambukka drinks bottles automatically seals between sips to ensure no spills. Press to sip. Release to seal. Ideal for school bags – no more disastrous spills all over those books!

LAGOON® Spout lid button on Kambukka reusable plastic water bottles operates a flip-up drink spout with one touch. Leak proof in closed position. Spout shield keeps spout clean and protected. All Kambukka water bottles have one-handed operation making them ideal for on-the-go active lifestyles and all are dishwasher safe.