Schoolbag Guide

Find the perfect schoolbag that’s just for you!

Selecting the perfect school bag can be a bit of a challenge. You’ll need to find that precise balance of functionality, size, durability and style. At we have the widest range of schoolbags and backpacks in Ireland so you’ll be sure to have more than enough options to choose from to fulfil everything on your schoolbag wish list!

Schoolbags Must Perform

You want a school bag that's big enough to fit all your school books, lunch, gear or anything you need for your school day. Functionally, it must work for your individual needs.
Organisation compartments, water bottle pockets, laptop and phone pockets and adjustable comfortable straps are all features you need to consider.

Schoolbag Size Matters

It's important to select the right size schoolbag, not too big, or more importantly, not too heavy. We have school bags for juniors, boys [] and girls [] in a range of sizes, suitable for pre-school [], primary [], secondary school and even college students. We also have school bags on wheels and small cabin luggage bags on wheels that can double up as school bags when the load is too heavy to carry.

Schoolbag Quality and Endurance

Durability is a given. At, we sell only the best to ensure you get a quality schoolbag or backpack that will last the test of time.

Back to School with Style!

And finally, or perhaps most important of all, your schoolbag needs to have style!
You want a schoolbag that says something about you and your personality.

Choose a schoolbag with your favourite colour and pattern from any one of our popular schoolbag brands; Jansport, Vans, Ridge 53, Roxy, Eastpak, Adidas, Quicksilver, Urban Junk or Freelander.