Jansport School Bags

Ireland Loves Jansport

There’s a good reason why Jansport remains the most popular schoolbag brand in Ireland consistently every year – everyone loves them! School kids of all ages – primary, secondary and college students – all love Jansport schoolbags. The wide range of colours and styles appeal to unique tastes and enables expression of individuality.

The Superbreak range of 25-litre backpacks work great for primary school and college, while the Big Student 34-litre bags will carry everything needed for secondary school.

Coming with a 30-year guarantee, their quality is unsurpassed so parents know they’ll last the test of time. Every Jansport schoolbag comes with quality, rugged zips and excellent back-support. And functionally, they just work – every Jansport schoolbag has numerous pockets for books, lunchboxes, pencil cases, phones, so they don’t just look great, they perform! And they’re water-proof too, simply made for Irish weather!

The Jansport Story

The Jansport backpack was originally created in 1967, by three friends living in Washington, USA. Murray, an engineer, designed an adjustable aluminium backpack frame for his buddy Skip, an outdoors enthusiast. When he won an award for the design, he asked his girlfriend, Jan who was an accomplished seamstress, to create a cover for his frame. He promised her that if it was a success, he’d name the company after her. It was, he did, and the rest is history – Jansport have been making and selling backpacks and school bags ever since!

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